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K + M Get Engaged

As a photographer, it's almost always an immediate "HECK YES!" when a guy reaches out and asks if you would photograph his proposal. And when that guy happens to be your younger brother ... well, if there's an even more immediate response than an immediate "HECK YES!", that's the response you give. This was set up as a 3 year anniversary photoshoot for these two, and K played the reluctant boyfriend very well... for 3 months while he waited for the ring he designed to be made, he complained whenever we brought up the photoshoot. I was never available to get the photoshoot done when M would ask - the ring wasn't ready and K had a specific date in mind - so we kept trying to hammer out a date and it probably was very frustrating for M. I have one rule: I don't lie. It doesn't matter how 'good' the lie is, I try my best to not blatantly lie. Man, was that hard in this process! BUT I think I managed to keep my rule and M had no idea what was going on. Her reaction was... well, priceless. I am so glad I got to be a part of this day. And to be a part of their elopement the following Saturday!

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